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Topographic & Engineering Surveys

At SKS Surveys we have many years of experience in producing outstanding products for government, local government, design consultancies, Architectural practices and builders. Builders, Architects and Engineers will often require topographic or contour surveys as a base for design, to mitigate stormwater issues, calculate volumes and support development applications

Road Design Surveys

As a preferred contractor for several councils and state government SKS Surveys has plenty of experience in the data capture, processing and presentation for main roads, local arterial roads and rural roads. We have adopted the DPTI coding system for our topographic surveys and utilise 12D software for processing to enable a seamless transition to Engineers and road designers.

Infrastructure Surveys

If you require pre design surveys for infrastructure projects such as wind farms, buildings or earthworks projects try contacting us for a free quotation. We have the experience, equipment and resources to take on broad scale projects and deliver within tight time frames.

We can deliver your data in a number of formats accepted and supported by architects, engineers and designers.

Volume and Stockpile Surveys

We have been involved in various volume projects for stockpiles including grain, waste material, soil and concrete. If you require volumes to be monitored over time to calculate cut and fill quantities we can perform the base survey followed by periodic surface surveys. With our software we can produce comprehensive reports, plans and 3D representations. The techniques and equipment we use ensures that we can guarantee the derived quantities.

Architectural & Heritage Surveys

For those projects that require the survey of existing structures for extension or augmentation we can produce point cloud representations or 3D wire frame models to form the basis of further design work. We have worked on several extensions to warehouses and buildings where the precise survey of structural components is essential to guarantee that assembly of subsequent structural steel components is not compromised.

We can also produce 3D wire frame models or point cloud models for heritage buildings or BIMs projects.

Property Surveys

Architects and builders frequently need contour plans for properties that are being developed either through land division or construction. Commonly these surveys are to produce contour plans that will support the development application, resolve issues such as stormwater management, form the basis of architectural design or assess quantities of cut and fill

Landscape Surveys

For landscape Architects and designers we can capture the existing elements on a property such as garden beds, retaining walls, contours etc and compile it into 3D digital plans for the basis of your design. We offer flexibility in our products and can deliver in a range of formats and versions to enable seamless integration with your design environment.

We have also been involved in several projects where our role is to set out the new design elements for construction.

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