SKS Surveys



Roadworks Southern Expressway, Port River Expressway, Crafers Freeway, Calder Freeway, Hume Freeway

These projects (to name a few) required setup and monitoring of survey control and day to day activities involving earthworks, roadworks, drainage and other infrastructure placements. Verification of road construction layers, kerbing, drainage & infrastructure requiring a fast turnaround survey and reporting to facilitate the next stage of construction.

Bridgeworks and Tunnelling survey and setout required quick, accurate and precise surveying as this was an important aspect to insure project time line was met.

Volume surveys to compute earthwork quantities were carried out in a timely manner to allow management to forecast future planning aswell as verifying quantities for progress payments.

SKS Surveys and its Directors are extremely proud of their achievements on these projects and were well commended by their particular project management team.

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