SKS Surveys



Buildings & Precise Structural Set-out

Surveying of major projects to small switchyards SKS Surveys have experienced the lot.
Our choice of equipment enables our team to convert to a highly actuate discipline allowing for millimetre precision

We have many years of collective experience in setting out footings / precast panels / hold down bolts and structural steel. We understand the need for fast and accurate conformance reports, particularly when it comes to precast panels and hold down bolts so project managers can feel reassured that prefabricated structural steel components can be erected quickly and unforeseen problems have been mitigated.

Our team of surveyors have access to some of the latest and most precise surveying equipment and we have years of experience in positioning footing, setting out hold down bolts, scribing, column centre lines, checking column verticality and controlling multi-story buildings.

Having worked in the construction industry for many years we are aware of the Occupational, Health and Safety requirements on any site and our surveyors are provided with all necessary personal protective equipment and vehicle enhancements, such as flashing lights and reversing sensors.

Through the implementation of our quality management system we have continually improved our processes to provide one of the most efficient and risk free services available to the construction industry. From the minor to the more complex structures, we have the experience from which we can apply the most suitable processes and techniques to ensure that the design is accurately set-out on the ground.

Please take the time to review our projects and experience and see where we can become an integral part of your next project.

Civil Infrastructure Surveys

SKS Surveys has been involved with many civil infrastructure surveys both small and large multi million dollar projects
Including Defence, Government and private consortiums

With over forty years' accumulated experience and a reputation of excellence, SKS Surveys is a survey company involved primarily in construction, engineering, civil and cadastral surveying. We assure a quality, cost-effective outcome for every client through a combination of strong leadership, project management expertise, application of the latest innovative technologies and a hand-on-approach to every job.

We have conducted some of the biggest infrastructure projects, as well as small developments, for a diverse range of clients across South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and the Northern Territory. Our clients include government agencies, construction, civil and building companies, councils, design consultants and private developers.

Specifically, as a preferred contractor for several councils and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), SKS Surveys has extensive experience in data capture. processing & presentation relating to verification of construction layering for major expressways, freeways, main roads and railway extentions, local arterial roads, rural roads and railways, bridges and other structures

SKS Surveys evolved by offering services to the Civil, Engineering, Construction Industry and the Property Development arena. We have grown in size with the addition of topographical surveys, audit surveys monitoring surveys, CAD drafting, service location and scanning facilities

Renewable Energy

SKS surveys have been involved in several Renewable Energy Projects including Windfarms,and Solar Energy

SKS Surveys have had several years experience in the development of renewable energy projects with the establishment of site control, recanouta and topographicial surveys of proposed access routes, setout of structures & hardstand areas including turbine bases & solar panel alignments, setout of cableing, switchyard control & setout and as-constructed surveys as specified

Roads / Bridges and Infrastructure

SKS Surveys has had many years experience in providing surveying services for large and small infrastructure projects, Major Roads & Railways

We have developed the techniques to provide one of the most efficient services in the industry if you are looking for help with machine control then look no further as our staff have extensive expertise with creating models and troubleshooting systems for Trimble / Topcon and Leica.

As part of our quality management system we consult with designers to iron out any bugs in the design and ensure that everything is built correctly on the ground.

We understand the need for quick turn around of conformance reports and have developed processes to make sure that construction progress and payment is not held up by conformance reporting.

Through experience on large earthworks projects we can provide minimum initial set-out to enable bulking of material and provide more dense set-out to control trimming when the time comes.

With bridges and concrete structures we have developed precise techniques for set-out and subsequent control of construction. We have plenty of experience working around construction sites and can modify our processes so as not to interfere with the progress of construction.

We have a diverse range of clients and have worked for some of the biggest players in the industry on some of the biggest infrastructure projects.

Please take the time to review some of our projects and see how we can become an essential participant in your project team on your next project.

Design Services

On almost any construction project there comes a time where some modifications or augmentation of the original design is required.

We utilize 12D and AutoCad Software packages to analyse and add to project designs as required. One of the most common uses for this service is on busy construction projects where time constraints do not allow for the design to go back to the designers for modification, particularly for changes that are purely of a geometric nature. Our surveyors have experience and expertise in this so if you need people on your project team with a "can do" attitude then consider us.

For projects such as dam construction we have been involved in several, we can do the initial topographic modelling by a combination of GPS and conventional surveying depending on the situation. Once the design parameters have been communicated, such as capacity, batter slopes and trafficability requirements, we can design a computer model of the dam that suits all parameters. The design model and topographic model are then integrated to balance earthworks cut and fill enabling the best cost outcome.

Further to this we can send our surveyors out to peg the dam for construction and produce conformance reports. If you require asistance with road design or modelling for machine conrtrol then we can offer experience and a cost effective solution.

Please review our projects to see where we can offer a service on your next project.