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Land Division & Property Surveys

Here at SKS Surveys we can help you realise the full potential of your property. Our experienced staff are focussed on personalized and professional advice and our emphasis is on client satisfaction, innovation and attention to detail. We will help you understand and overcome planning issues so that you can confidently lodge your land division application without concern of rejection. Our aim is to assist through consultation and help you to develop your project from concept to completion.

Sub Dividing Land

If you are thinking about sub dividing your land and don’t know where to start please contact us for some free advice and direction.

Sub dividing can be a great way to capitalize further on your investment. Whether its a torrens or community land division we can assess and interpret council development plans, resolve planning issues and help you to achieve the most cost effective and profitable use of your land.

Although seemingly straight forward the land division process is actually rather complex and there are a couple of things you should consider before lodging an application. Through our years of experience in the industry and careful planning we can help to guide you through the land division process without incurring excessive and unnecessary costs

Please download our land division pamphlet to find out more.

Boundary Identification Surveys

With land value at a premium these days it is quite common to build structures on the boundary to optimise the utilisation of space. If you are building on the boundary or re fencing then it would be our advice to have a boundary identification survey done to avoid legal ramifications and significant costs.

Boundary surveying is complex and the associated costs can vary depending on the location of the property. Generally allotments in older or rural areas will cost more to redefine the boundaries.

Please download our pamphlet to find out more

Lease and BOMA Surveys

If you are the owner of or developing a retail or office complex then chances are at some stage you will need to have the areas calculated for individual tenancies. Our surveyors have experience in this area and can help you out with the calculation and presentation of the data.

You may also need to have the leases registered on the title. We can make the necessary measurements, compile the lease plan and lodge it with the Land Titles Office.

A lease plan and areas calculated by a licensed surveyors gives reassurance to both tenant and land lord and reduces the chance of any misrepresentation

Contour & Detail Surveys

If you are building, landscaping or sub dividing you may need to think about having a contour survey done to capture the topography of your land. Builders, Architects and Engineers will often need a contour survey to support their design, assess stormwater issues and to submit with the development application.

Here at SKS Surveys we utilise the latest in surveying technology to offer you the most cost effective result possible. We can offer GPS, Terrestrial or Laser Scanning or an appropriate combination of these options to capture the base data for your topographic survey.

So whether its a house block or a large rural survey we have the expertise and technology to get the job done efficiently.

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