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CAD Services

At SKS Surveys our experienced CAD drafters utilise the most recent and up to date software to present data, produce plans and visualise data. We have invested in programs such as the most recent versions of AutoCAD and Revit so we can produce our plans and representations in the most suitable formats. So if you require plans, base data for BIMS, visualisations or development applications please contact us to discuss further.

Development Applications

Should you be putting up a shed, erecting a pergola or building an extension chances are the council will require a site plan showing the proposed development. After a quick consultation with one of our CAD operators we can have something ready for you to submit to council in a format consistent with their guidelines

As Constructed Plans

If you are a contractor and need as constructed plans compiled to satisfy project completion requirements please contact us to discuss further. Our CAD operators are familiar with the requirements for construction sites, DPTI, SA Water and local council. So when it gets to the pointy end of the job and the work is complete but you still need the plans and reports to get you over the line leave it to us and we will compile everything you need.

Building Information Management Systems (BIMS) Support

For those involved with BIMS either at the planning, design or construction level we have invested in AutoCAD and Revit to enable seamless integration of data into the system or presentation of data output from the system.

We have now worked on several projects where BIMS has been utilised to control and manage the project elements and our CAD operators have a sound working understanding of the data and plan requirements.

3D Visualisations

The software we have invested in enables us to offer our clients a great deal of flexibility in how we can present and view data. Sometimes it can be of further value to visualise survey and design data in 3D to analyse for anomalies and audit the information. We can colour render survey and design data and produce fly throughs and drive throughs to give the user the perspective of actually being in the model.

So if you are doing a presentation or just need to enhance the way your data is visualised please contact us to investigate further.

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